Build your wealth on Initial Coin Offering Market! Invest in ICOs easily with New ICO

We choose the most profitable ICOs to invest and share the profits with our clients.
Let our professionals handle your ICO investments and earn money with New ICO hourly!

6% Hourly
  • minimum: $ 10.00
  • maximum: and more
  • period: For 32 hours
200% Profit
  • minimum: $ 10.00
  • maximum: and more
  • period: After 1 Day
400% Profit
  • minimum: $ 380.00
  • maximum: $ 4000.00
  • period: After 3 days

The owners of New ICO were closely watching the Hourly New Offerings since the beginning of 2015. We have seen exponential gains of up to +2000% (NXT), and Daily ROI of 60% (NXT). After deciding to invest into the ICO market, we have made huge gains with our personal investments.

By realizing the ICO market is growing to enormous returns, we have decided to launch an online investment platform and an investment company, named New ICO (New ICO Limited). After all, more money can make even bigger gains. The Company's CEO is Kay Sanderson, who is also a professional investor in ICO's. By having an investment portfolio with over 2000% Monthly (50-70% Daily) returns, it is safe to offer fixed returns for New ICO's clients of up to 60% Daily.

With New ICO your investment is safe with zero risk. We have several backup wallets in place, and are happy to share the addresses with our members. Our past performance is constant success. In case any unforeseen circumstances arise, we have multiple contingency plans to reimburse our client's deposits.

  • TOTAL DEPOSITED $ 238173.42
  • TOTAL WITHDRAW $ 133780.88
  • 3.3%Hourly

  • 3.5%Hourly

  • 4%Hourly

  • 5%Hourly

  • 6%Hourly



In October 2017 New ICO passed the incorporation process in the United Kingdom and is listed by Companies House.

Referral Program

Just register account and apply your referral link everywhere you can. Our first level referral bonuses:

Name From To Commision (%)
Level A 1 15 3.00
Level B 16 60 4.00
Level C 61 200 5.00
Level D 201 and more 10.00
Our other levels referral bonuses (not depending on the number of referrals):
Level 2: 0.50%      Level 3: 0.50%