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Investments Our plans

NewICO'S activity requires constant funding in view of the rising investments of bitcoin marketing and Initial Coin Offering plans. That is why we have proposed to our partners make deposits for further profits, this proposal later became a full-fledged investment platform. Today we offer three investment plans with a profit of 92% to 2000%, which rate only depends on the amount you have invested. The bigger your deposit, the more daily income.

First of all, each deposit works on an ongoing basis bringing income for 32hours or 7 days. Your profit appears every hours on Your account balance. Earning of profits is going within seven days a week, Monday through Sunday.

Your initial deposit is returned with the daily payments you receive. Minimum deposit which you can make is $10.00 USD. You can make any number of concurrent deposits as you wish. This will help you maximize your earnings. Our investors can have a lot of deposits at the same time. In such a case each deposit has its own accrual time.

To get paid you should make a withdrawal request, the minimum amount is $0.10 USD (this is different for Cryptocurrency deposits). All e-currency requests are processed instantly. All cryptocurrency requests are processed manually in max. 24 hours.

6% Hourly
MINIMUM: $ 10.00
MAXIMUM: and more
PERIOD: for 32 hours
200% Profit
MINIMUM: $ 10.00
MAXIMUM: and more
PERIOD: After 1 Day
400% Profit
MINIMUM: $ 380.00
MAXIMUM: $ 4000.00
PERIOD: After 3 days